Where to start your eBusiness? How to grow your current business online?

An eBusiness Consultant helps you here by providing you expert advice. Your online business direction must be identified, plan formulated, development to be defined, development platform to be finalized, schedule phases to roll out the project, product lines to be chosen, logistics to be planned, payment options to be fixed, marketing plans to be set, human resources to be planned, support services and operational partnerships looked into, customer service approach to be drawn, online strategy to be defined… much to do before you take the first step.

We will join hands with you to take these initial steps if we are engaged as you eBusiness Consultant.


This service can be used as a pre-launch hourly / monthly service (flat project rate option available as per project nature) or we can serve you as a permanent consultancy service provider on annual basis.

We can help young startups grow and establish a foothold, or come up with unique and innovative ideas for larger businesses on how to grow their current business online.

Our consultancy services stretch across various business types / sectors and many ecommerce platforms, varying from hands-off ‘best practice’ consultancy service, to in-depth service to work out precise requirements or enhance specific operational areas of your eBusiness. Service scope for each project will be defined based on team expertise and experience.

The eBusiness consultant plays an increasingly significant role in the modern business landscape.

A Successful Market

Guidance in Technology Choice

Business Workflow Optimization

Business Performance Improvement